About me

Hello, I am Paula. Since I was young, I wanted to travel the world and meet people from other parts of the globe. I always have been hyperactive with a busy schedule and constantly seeking new adventures. The most satisfied version of me is when I connect with people, visit new places and soak up a different culture. In 2007 I bought a one-way ticket to Dublin taking a gap year before starting my studies and that was the most profound experience of my lifetime. One year in Dublin changed the course of my life forever. I remember a strong feeling of freedom, and fifty-six countries later the world became my office. At first I used to make “summer holidays” for one or two weeks, then extended them to one month and more. In 2018 I quit my corporate job in one of the BIG4 companies, and I moved to the USA to do my life’s work. My mission is to inspire others to live their life fully. I want to share my personal stories and help readers get unstuck and commence living a life they love.

My mission

Inspire you to grow and to make a change you want to make
Help you to build the bridge to your future
Make a success out of your personal and business life
Give you some ideas on how to invest in your spiritual growth
Travel and discover the World by your own
Give you few recommendations on travel destinations

Everyone wants to grow these days, but no one wants to do the hard work of creating a mission statement. Having a mission statement will help you stay motivated on the path of your growth.

If you still feel that hunger to be better than you are, to make a bigger impact on your community, to make more money, and to have more success in life than you currently you do, then I hope you’ll join me. Let’s figure out what is standing in your way, and what your next huge life challenge is. I believe that our potential is unlimited, there is always more to discover about ourselves, but limiting perspectives can interfere it unfolding naturally. If you want to reach a new level of performance, if you are not satisfied right now, then reach out and let’s have a conversation.